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Back From Rehab & Feelin' Good

When choosing a rehab project we have two requirements, it's gotta have good bones + great shape! We've trained our eyes to look past the guady prints and dated fabrics to see the true beauty and fine craftsmanship behind a quality piece of vintage furniture. We use the 'ol shake, rattle + bounce test to make sure it's sturdy and worth the investment to reupholster. Once the fabric is chosen, off it goes to Calvin 'The Man's' workshop where all the magic happens. Here's a few of our favorite makeover projects that came back from rehab lookin' supa fly...

NALA Before:

First up is a piece we inherited from granny's house - a classic Louis XV style arm chair with a carved wood frame and wide seat back and cushion. The bones were good but that dark regal print with twinning pheasants had to go! For the fabric we chose a black + white hand-printed African mud cloth to give the chair an unexpected trendy edge.

(Ahhh...) AFTER:

Mud cloth vintage arm chair


This Post-It yellow sofa became known as Sweet Pea after a fully body makeover transformed her into a jungleicious Queen! We learned a thing or two with this project. For one, a fabric sample can look drastically different on a small 6 inch swatch than it does on a 6 foot sofa. Upon first glance our reaction was, "Oh's ummm...very vibrant!" The intention was to outfit this piece in a moody, moss green velvet (which is what we thought we had ordered), but instead she came home lookin' like a bowl of fresh summer fruit! Nevertheless, we adore Sweet Pea's sunny disposition and consider her a very happy accident...

(Ahhh...) AFTER:


The Indigo girls are the perfect example of a DRAB to FAB transformation. Similar to the Nala Chair, this duo started out looking very traditional and underwhelming...but instantly gained some personality points with a fresh new blue mud cloth print fabric.

(Ahhh...) AFTER:


Lavender Crush is one of those thrifting scores that'll last 5 lifetimes. It's classic silhouette, rock solid design + flirtatious curves makes this sofa a top candidate for the Frenchie Hall Of Fame!

(Ahhh...) AFTER:


We added some silky, gold fringe to the skirt of this beaut and *wah-bam*! The Pink Floyd sofa earned the rights to its flashy name and simultaneously got VIP passes to sit with all the cool kids.

(Ahhh...) AFTER:

HEY JUDE Before:

Would you believe it if I said I bought this sofa for $8.00? Well...maybe if you look at the before pictures...but yes, its was $8 buck-a-roos!! If you can look past that puke yellow tweed upholstery you'll see a stunning cane back masterpiece with wood frame and rock solid bones. We chose a neutral, cream linen fabric to freshen it up and allow for a myriad of colorful pillow options!

(Ahhh...) AFTER:

Now onto the next! We have about 5 projects at the warehouse in the queue...stay tuned for our next round of makeovers!

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